2013 Competition

1st Place : Angus Training Group
2nd Place : Peterhead Engineers Development Limited

1st Place : North Highland College
2nd Place : DSRL Dounreay

On 27th June 2013 the annual Scottish IMechE Engineering Craft Competition took place in Fife with the top engineering apprentices in Scotland competing for the much coveted titles.

The competition, sponsored and organised by Score Group plc, was held at Adam Smith College in Glenrothes where the competitors and mentors from their training organisations enjoyed a pre-competition supper on the 26th before taking part in the competition on the 27th. This was the second successive year that the competition was held in Fife following the success of the 2012 event, hosted by Carnegie College in Dunfermline.

The day of the competition was a great challenge for the competitors who had to undertake practical tests and complete test papers on their chosen disciplines under exam conditions. The competition ran from 8:00am to 4:30pm and truly stretched the competitors, requiring them to demonstrate a high degree of practical skill and technical knowledge. For 2013 there were 16 competitors for the two titles, each hand-picked by their training organisation as outstanding talents. The competition is restricted to under-19’s who are currently in the first year of serving a Modern Apprenticeship in Scotland. 2013’s competition attracted competitors from as far afield as DSRL at Dounreay and the Borders Engineering Training Association in Melrose.

2013 was the first year in which there were two titles up for grabs as the competition was split into two sections allowing mechanical discipline apprentices and electrical/electronic discipline apprentices to compete for separate titles. All of the practical work and test papers were scored by the training staff within the host college before being verified by the IMechE.

Whilst the competition was underway the mentors accompanying the competitors were given a guided tour of the fantastic engineering training facilities at the Adam Smith College and then visited Score Group’s new Glenrothes facility.

Aileen Lamden, Executive Director of Adam Smith College said “Adam Smith college has been delighted to work with Score Group and IMechE to host such an exceptional competition showcasing the talent of engineering apprentices across Scotland. The standard of craft skills on display is a testimony to the modern apprenticeship schemes delivered in partnership between companies and colleges.”

Score Group’s long-running association with the Engineering Craft Competition continues and the company was particularly happy that the competition could be hosted by Adam Smith College in Glenrothes following the opening of Score Europe’s newest facility in the Fife town just before the competition.

Conrad Ritchie, Deputy Managing Director of Score Europe said “We are delighted to work with Adam Smith College and continue this prestigious competition. The level of ability displayed by the competitors is exemplary and this is testament to the first class training they are receiving from their respective providers. We very much look forward to developing this annual event which clearly demonstrates the commitment of employers to grow and support talent in all areas of Scotland. The opportunities for Modern Engineering Apprentices in the UK and globally are abundant.”

The Award Ceremony

Score Group’s conference facilities were the host venue for 2013 IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) Scottish Engineering Craft Competition award ceremony, the competition which brings together the best engineering apprentices in Scotland.

At the award ceremony to present the awards were Dennis Helliwell, a senior representative of the IMechE, along with colleagues Jill Dwyer and Andrew Dobson. Before the presentations Dennis Helliwell spoke to the audience on the enduring value of apprenticeships and craft skills to society and the economy.

During the competition, each of the competitors underwent a series of written and practical tests which were later assessed and verified by an external expert. The standard of work shown by the 18 young men (disappointingly, there were no female competitors this year) was high and competitors, family members, training providers and employers should be proud of their achievements. The final results were as follows:

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